Tuesday, August 14, 2012


After nearly a two year hiatus from the blog-o-sphere (our son, Lincoln, was born - and I completed my Master's degree program), the Escudero's are back and ready to provide some e-lumination for the world, lol. On a serious note, we are extremely excited to share with you what God is doing with our family, in our lives and ministry. After nearly thirteen years working and faithfully serving as an ordained minister on the pastoral staff of The Rock Church in Elk Grove/Sacramento, God has clearly called and opened doors for our family to plant a new church in California’s Bay Area peninsula. We are extremely grateful for the love, leadership training and opportunities our Bishop (Nathaniel J. Wilson) and Pastor (C. Myles Young) have afforded us through the years, and are thankful for their continued blessing and approval. We will miss everyone - especially our young people. We are still feeling the warmth of Sunday night's "send-off" service. As it is supposed to, the Kingdom is expanding! Please uphold us (Johannes, Tawni, Rori Lane - five, Lincoln Brave - almost 2) and The HOPE Center of East Palo Alto & Palo Alto in your prayers as together we walk in His calling. 45 minutes south of San Francisco, the cities of East Palo Alto & Palo Alto share a combined, diverse metropolitan population of approximately 100,000 souls. Just a few minutes drive south on University Ave, off the 101 Highway (one of the main streets), Palo Alto mingles through established homes and the downtown area before dead-ending into Stanford University’s beautiful campus. A few minutes drive north on the same street will lead you into the harvest field of East Palo Alto, an impoverished city that was at one time America’s crime capital. Outside of Hawaii, East Palo Alto is home to the largest concentration of Asian-Pacific Islanders in North America. Officially, we will be on location beginning Saturday, September 1st. Already, God has ordered our steps in both multi-cultural communities to cross paths and secure Bible studies with 8 hungry people whom we are believing to be key contacts in the Samoan, Tongan, Hispanic, African-American, Chinese (and even Bulgarian) communities. This does not include the fruit that is growing from seed that we have not planted! Bishop Curtis Young (Oakland, CA) called and advised that one of the saints of Oakland Tabernacle (Sis. Maria), unbeknownst to us, lives in Palo Alto and is currently holding a Bible study with seven in attendance. The group has already visited Oakland Tabernacle and loved it – but the commute was just too far. God is opening doors and doing great things! It looks as if God has also favored us with facilities – we are awaiting confirmation, but have preliminarily agreed to on rental terms for the first four months, for just $25/hr! Many have asked how they might support, in addition to lending prayer and faith. We are grateful for the in-kind contributions that have already been made as we prepare for our official launch in just a few short weeks. Though cost is significant in the Bay Area, and something we are wisely counting, we have nonetheless stepped out in faith - refusing to believe that finance should be an impediment for our great God. As you pray for us, we also ask that you consider partnering with God and us (with your Pastor's permission), in sponsoring The Hope Center, for a limited time. If you, your family and or church are able and willing, please consider blessing The Hope Center in one of the following ways: A. 2-year Partner: ($100, $50 or $25 per month) B. 1-year Sponsor: ($100, $50 or $25 per month) C. Love Offering: (One-time gift) We will provide a contribution receipt, a monthly PDF newsletter/report to keep you updated on what God is doing through The Hope Center, as well as an invitation to meet for our first anniversary to enjoy food, fellowship and recreation in the beautiful Palo Alto area. Please communicate your level of support so that we can continue to plan and count the costs, to the best of our ability, in this leap of faith. Our HOPE Center contact info is as follows: Email: hopecenter650@gmail.com Mailing Address: HOPE Center PO Box 1184 Palo Alto, CA 94302 Phone: (650) 561-6146 // Website: www.hopecenter650.org (under construction) Thank you in advance for your prayers, faith and financial support of our calling and mission to reach East Palo Alto, Palo Alto and the surrounding peninsula Bay Area with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Johannes, Tawni, Rori & Lincoln Escudero

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