Wednesday, June 9, 2010

November Baby, 2 of 2

The dynamic, moving, artful composition that is human life as shaped by the Creative Genius presents our existence with enough unpredictable elements of, in anticipation for the arrival of our next November baby (Rori was born in November too), Tawni and I decided to shun suspense and FIND OUT WHAT WE'RE HAVIN ALREADY!

Our prayer has been first and foremost for a safe, full-term pregnancy delivering both healthy Mommy and baby in the end.
Secondly, we've purposely NOT silently whispered, wished or prayed for one gender over the other. Sometimes, when you are favored, you get what you ask for because you asked for it, whether it was ultimately best thing for you or not. Neither did we try to manipulate nature - we have strongly felt that God would give us whatever was best for us, given His divine destiny and purpose for our family's lives.

Boy is not better than girl (Rori Lane has created a bias, as you can tell), and (I suppose) vice versa. Each display their unique role in the incredible ebb and flow, give and take of life.

Nonetheless, we decided to find out - and find out we did. A couple hours ago with the aide of an ultrasound, we got a three dimensional glimpse of just what God has perfectly wrapped up inside Tawni's body - and I'm very proud to share with those care (and those who don't), that our 8 ounce, 8-inch long, 18 week old baby is a BOY!!!

Let the NAMES begin! Yes, we have had a first name picked out but are still deciding on the middle name. We'll share it as soon as we've settled, negotiated, wrestled and ceased to halt between two opinions, lol.

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