Sunday, January 10, 2010


A week of 2010 has already passed before our first blog entry of the new season, new year and new decade.

Perhaps for some, the past seven or eight days have already provided ample time for you to break the resolve that just a week ago seemed so promising. Whatever your resolutions might have been, if you even made any, do not allow recent disappointments to deter you from your ultimate goals.

Recent binges, mistakes, accidents, compromises are an opportunity for us to get back up and start all over again. Failure tests our passion, resilience, our commitment and our determination - but that's okay. After all, without each of these elements, our pledge to do something more, something less or something different is just a good intention. Someone said the road of live is paved with these (good intentions). This is true, and I know this because I've scraped my knees and bruised my shins on them before.

Sometimes it's the first fall that messes us up (just ask Adam and Eve) - but should one mistake bump you off track like that? No, but it can, if you let it. What matters is that we get back up and after it, whatever it might happen to be, with a renewed passion, fervor and zeal.

Do not quit, do not give in, do not throw in the towel just because the 'newness' may have been tarnished by one recent lapse of good judgment or return trip to the buffet. If it's a matter of sin, make the adjustments - but in the meantime, remember that HIS mercies are NEW every morning.

So, whether it's dropping a few pounds, picking up a few Bible studies, quitting smoking or starting college -make it a happy NEW year and NEW decade all over again and GET AFTER IT!

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