Thursday, December 17, 2009

Transition: Moving Time

I have to say I was proud of this post, titled 'IM MOVING' earlier today on 'Duplication Prohibited.' So, here's a shout out to those who have after much thoughtful consideration, packed up and loaded the truck...

I'm moving...
Based on recent occurrences, this appears to be the preeminent venue for delivering a message of this affair:

Dear Bishop and Pastor/Family and Friends/Saints and Sinners,

It is after much thought and prayerful consideration that I post this article. Of course there will be badgering and provocation, yet I truly believe this is the right decision. The last thirteen years at The Rock Church have been invaluable, but it’s time for me to pen a new chapter of my life, and by this I mean, effective immediately, I'm moving...

The Rock Church has been my sanctuary, my birthplace, my refuge and my home. It is here that I received, for the first time, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidence by speaking in other tongues, as the Spirit gave the utterance. It is here where I went down in a watery grave, buried with Jesus Christ in water baptism, and emerged out of that humble, homemade baptism, a new creature. It is here where God freely gifted me with a church family, the Body of Christ, and in return, required only my loyalty and perseverance. It is here where the Word of God has been masterfully delivered, preaching me under conviction, into repentance, and ultimately driving me to God’s calling and commitment. Numerous conversations, countless sermons, and timeless words of direction from the leadership of Bishop Nathaniel Wilson, and Pastor Myles Young, is indisputably the reason I have reached any amount of success in life.

So, I have decided to move…no, not move away, instead I am moving closer. I am not leaving my church like others, nor is this move a physical shifting, rather I have decided to move closer in committment and cause, of which has remained too far way, for far too long. I have decided to move closer to my God, move closer to my leadership, and to move closer to my church. By moving closer, I am affirming my loyalty, my dedication, and my willingness to serve. By moving closer I am committing to the cause, the purpose, and the driving force of the leadership, “ALL TOGETHER NOW”. With many supposedly finding greener pastures, others searching out selfish aspirations, even some moving away for no apparent reason, I am declaring now, here, and to all…I am here to stay!

Legalism? Manipulation? Ignorance? Self-righteousness? You may label it by whatever most conveniently accommodates your views, your frustrations, or your disagreements. Years from now, when ample water has gone under the bridge, we will all see if this decision to move pays off. In the meantime, more will come than have gone, the church will grow, and God will remain on His eternal Throne.

God bless your endeavors, and please say a prayer for mine.

It's moving time. I don't know who literally enjoys the process of moving - but a preferred destination and anticipated point of arrival can make the obligation and irritation of transition negligible, and worth the while!


Rachel said...

I have to say, with some bias, that I also appreciated that blog post. Thanks for the shout out! :-) You are the BEST youth pastor EVER!

alli:) said...

Bro.Joe dont ever scare me like that again!!! I thought you were really moving and was about to cry :o haha good thing i read the rest of the letter!

Love you guys :)