Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, December 6th is less than an hour old. In a few passing moments the saints of The Rock Church will assemble together, just as many of you will at your respective houses of worship. Today has been filled with devotion, study and digestion of Scripture - with a few breaks to keep fresh, grab a bite, spend time with family and send a tweet here and there.

Hold the hammer in one hand tomorrow as you lend the talents invested in you to build the Kingdom, and the Sword in the other to protect and defend the timeless truths that provide protection and defense for us.

Ignore the detracting blue-blood on your way to the house of God. The conviction they live with can only be seared by mockery and vain attempts to justify why they do what they do. They forget it's not about we can or cannot do, it's about what Christ has already done for us. So instead, join the 'new convert' in the aisle or altar (the red-blood who actually remembers the work of Calvary in their lives and is not ashamed) and worship Jesus with your whole heart and soul. Lose your spirit in His and lavish Jesus with the sweet incense of praise that He longs to hear come from you.

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