Sunday, December 6, 2009

Have you heard?

Briefly I break away after an awesome Sunday morning service, and before an afternoon of study (and a cat nap if I am lucky) to excitedly introduce and promote to all of my friends from East Wenatchee to Little Rock, from Calgary, Alberta to the country of Pakistan and all points in between, an awesome new news feed for Apostolics.

In my opinion, this news site spearheaded by Baumeister and Coskun is well on it's way to becoming the Apostolic equivalent to what the comprehensive Drudge Report is for so many others.

Click on ApostolicNews! to catch up on what's going on around the world, and to add the site to your favorites.

Also, you are being tipped off mark Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson's blog as a favorite, and return to it tomorrow, and each of the nine days following, to view a special ten-day compendium. The series will be available in its entirety after the tenth day.
Click on and visit Dr. NJW's blog now to bookmark the site, and be sure to check it out tomorrow!

God bless, finish digesting your lunch so you don't regurgitate whatever you ate while running the aisles tonight (eww) and grab one of those elusive Sunday afternoon naps if possible. Whatever the case, turn the furnace up, have red hot revival tonight, and where ever you are gathering, make it the place where God, saints and sinners alike want to be!

God bless!

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