Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 'Gift of gLOVEs'

A few weeks ago during one of our early Sunday morning staff meetings we considered the efforts of and proposal by our Bus Ministry Director (Jennifer Pelton) for our upcoming Family Christmas service. In a mere matter of moments, as we began to work through the details that would make such a display of benevolence possible, a sweet spirit of charity began to work on us - and the responsibility of the business aspect at hand became the prospect to practice pure religion undefiled. In that vein Pastor Young taught and preached last night on 'Pure Religion', and concluded the message he relayed on God's behalf with an appeal that gave families and individuals alike the opportunity to adopt one of the 170+ children and young people who ride the bus to be with us in service every Sunday at The Rock Church, to pray for that child every week during family prayer, to adopt them for Christmas and to purchase them a gift of love. The response was overwhelming. Hundreds of volunteers claimed multiple crown or angel shaped cut-outs bearing the name and age of their adopted family member - and soon there were more particpants than there were beneficiaries.

This was a blessing in disguise, and the remainder of those who responded volunteered to help TRGYC (the youth ministry of The Rock Church) improve the quality of and give every single one of our friends who ride the bus the 'Gift of gLOVEs.'

Out of the mouth of babes...and a child is to be credited for the inspiration behind this burden as well. It all began on a brisk, Fall morning shortly after our Sunday staff meeting. While being buckled into her car seat Rori Lane clenched her fingers together and exclaimed, 'Mommy, Daddy, my hands are cold - I need some gloves!'

Choked up then and there in conversation, Tawni and I decided to not only purchase Rori a pair of warm gloves, but to, on behalf of TRGYC, also buy every child and young person a pair to help get them through the bitter-cold Sunday morning bus rides that are sure to come over the next couple of months. Again, we were blown away by the response last night by the many young people, parents and grandparents who comprise the faithful, unselfish saints of The Rock Church. God's people are amazing - and because of your obedience to the preached Word, and submission the Spirit's call to charity, more thank 170 young people will have their names called in weekly prayer, will gain an adopted family in The Rock Church, receive a gift during our December 20th Family Christmas service, along with the 'gift of gLOVEs' to keep their hands warm while riding TRC's busses this Winter!

Thank you God, thank you Pastor, thank you Jennifer, thank you Rori, thank you TRC!!!

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