Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Christmas Service

What an amazing Family Christmas Service we all enjoyed and had the privilege of participating in this past Sunday. The more than 170 children and young people who call The Rock Church home and family because of transportation made possible by our bus ministry were adopted several weeks ago - and got the chance to personally meet and spend time with their 'adopted' family. Each family gave each child a gift - and the look on the faces of many of our friends who probably wouldn't otherwise be receiving anything for Christmas this year was priceless. TRGYC also gave every family a cd of Rock Church music to listen to 'in between Sundays', and made sure that everyone had a pair of quality gloves to keep their hands warm on subsequent Sunday morning bus rides. The most important gift exchanged was the true, Christ-like Spirit of adoption. In between hugs and high fives, we were able to capture a few of the moments. Enjoy!

Tawni, Rori and I with our sister Corchelle Pleasant - what a fitting last name for an awesome young lady who will be turning 12 soon and integrating into TRGYC.

Anthony and Sara - TRGYC staff & Jr High Leaders - all smiles with a little man named Elijah who grabbed all of our hearts.

Philip and Kate - TRGYC staff & Jr High Facilitators - with another one of our family members!

Ryan - TRC's main drummer - and Kelly Hammonds with some of the coolest cats.

These were just a few of the families who were within iPhone snapshot that we were able to capture. This was an incredible recharge for our community outreach efforts. Much of the inspiration is to be credited not only to our Pastoral covering, but to the awesome leadership of our Bus Ministry Director - Jennifer Pelton - who is pictured below escorting two of our newer friends to find their adopted families.

PS) BIG SHOUT OUT to the 57+ young people who consistently rotate and ride our buses every Sunday!

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