Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Check it out!

At the risk of seeming somewhat nepotistic I am going to what politicians call 'carry water' for my Pastor - and make no apologies for it. I don't mind carrying water when water can mean life, a sustaining word for someone. Just ask the delta environmentalist, the southern California constituent or the central valley farmer just how vital water is - regardless of their geography, philosophy, demographic or political bent.

So I post, with his permission a link to his blog titled 'What they see is what they get.' More than a play on words, these words speak to the issue of presenting a gospel with our lifestyle (in addition to standards of separation)that matches the doctrine we preach. CLICK HERE

Oh, and the must view compendium I referred to by Dr. Nathaniel Wilson, on a related subject is now available online. Here's part 1 of Clear & Up Close on Holiness - enjoy! CLICK HERE

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