Saturday, September 12, 2009

On a Political Note

It's 3:05am on the morning of the final day of Session in the California State Assembly. Needless to say, here are a few of my thoughts.
Figuratively speaking, the political face of the United States has changed
dramatically, and at an accelerated pace. While over-objective historians, liberal analysts, and subsequent future textbooks may attribute this transformation to the evolution of social norms, tolerance and diversity, the current political portrait of America is, in my strong opinion, an unflattering caricature that would cause our founding fathers to roll over in their graves.
In infancy, our nation demonstrated an authentic faith and dependence upon God-attributes appropriately articulated in our ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ Chronologically, when compared with most other countries, we are very young. However, recent, relative history has required little of time to taint the once fair and innocent, child-like complexion of American politics. Like bad acne, the image of politicians and politics in America have been permanently scarred by equally adolescent behavior, impropriety, immorality and the extreme liberal influence of the outspoken, poisonous, leftist minority.

Reinstating righteousness to our capitol rotundas, and fidelity to our legislative floors is a daunting task, but in a political structure of the people, by the people, and for the people, correction is possible. Struggle has always been a factor in the survival of ‘We the People’ who ‘trust in God.’ In fact, our founding fathers achieved because of the adversity they faced, and gained freedom because they fought for it. As a result, they accumulated adequate courage to establish, cultivate the thirteen original colonies, and later constitute the United States of America.
From the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving prayer, to the last stanza of the original National Anthem (God Bless America), from the tradition of prayer in schools to the inscription on our currency and coins, God has always been a trademark of American people.
Early politicians were not secretive or bashful about the fact that their religious beliefs and faith in God shaped their family values, morals, business practices and politics. Early legislators, like Abraham Lincoln, led disciplined lives, employed a Judeo-Christian work ethic, and operated on sound, biblical principles. Such men and women were not paranoid about their God-consciousness, or preoccupied with political correctness-but rather maintained their honesty and guarded their integrity in their quest for justice, equality-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As Americans, we inherit this rich tradition. Sacrilegiously, radical secularists choose to ignore our past and substitute government imposed ideals for faith-based morals.

There is hope-but America must return to its roots, its grass roots. When the Redcoats were coming, Paul Revere instinctively knew to call the people whose freedoms were in jeopardy.
America is suffering from an attack of moral failure. As one prominent, nationally syndicated talk-show host referred to them, the ‘red-diaper-doper-babies’ are coming. Actually, they are already here-and this active, self-indulgent, self-deified sect of society has, like a cancer, threatened our democracy with their socialism, desecrated the institution and sanctity of marriage as defined between one man and one woman, and vandalized our traditional family values with their homosexual agenda, legalized abortion, cloning and premature stem cell research. Presently, bi-partisan legislation for these and other controversial issues are being redrafted and reconsidered by politicians we have elected.
Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.” Once again, there is a clarion call in America- and once again, it is imperative that the people respond and take action to defend what set us apart from the rest of the world.

We cannot afford to remain silent, as silence is consent. It is time for our voice to be heard. However, because a voice without action is merely bravado, we must also act. The age old adage, ‘actions speak louder than words’ is true, especially in politics.
Though quick to converse, and voice an opinion about a candidate’s character or campaign, where is the church when it comes time to vote? With the exception of the stalwart efforts exhibited by a few, poll numbers prove that the vast majority of Christianity seems to adopt a pious, almost laissez faire, whatever happens happens, this world is going to hell in a hand basket anyway, ‘this world is not my home I am just a pilgrim passing through’ attitude when it comes to political activism. With such a small-minded, short-sighted, reclusive world view held by Christians who could otherwise make a difference, it is no wonder why politics in America continues to erode.

It is our responsibility to elect representatives who will foster and fight to protect our freedom of faith and religion, and vote out those who attempt to facilitate freedom from faith and religion. Unfortunately, we who espouse traditional family values and morals are just as guilty as those we blame in government, of creating the great divide of separation between church and state. Legislation has removed corporate prayer from our schools, but we have stopped praying. A replica of the Ten Commandments was removed from Justice Roy Moore’s Alabama courthouse, and we complained a little - but accomplished nothing. Liberal activists volunteer their time, draw picket lines and protest faithfully, vociferously, demanding a verdict-and we criticize them for their radicalism, but do little to compete with or compensate for their political cries.

It is time for a ‘great awakening’ in American politics. It is time for Christianity all over America, lay members and ministers alike to awaken from social slumber, educate ourselves, and become privy to the import and spiritual implications of real political struggles that exist just outside our sanctuary walls. Then, we must prepare our hearts with prayer, network our resources and arm ourselves with an arsenal of information, and assume the position of political influence I believe God intended the Church to have. ‘The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ’ (2 Cor. 10:4). Atheists can deny it, agnostics can avoid it and others can say what they may, but God has always played a role in politics. ‘God is the Judge; He putteth down one, and setteth up another’ (Psalms 75:7). ‘…He removeth kings, and setteth up kings…’(Daniel 2:21). How does God complete this process? The answer ris ‘through His people within the confines of human government they have constructed.’
While the main mission of the church is to fulfill the Great Commission, God has also commissioned His followers to ‘occupy’ until He returns (Luke 19:13). The word ‘occupy’, as used in the Greek language, refers to an ‘occupied territory’ as would be found in a time of war. As a result, this usage of the word ‘occupy’ denotes a strong military or political presence!

Until Jesus Christ returns, it is time for those of us who call ourselves Christian, or American for that matter, to, for the sake of our founding fathers, and for future generations, cure the cause of moral failure, erase what has become a caricature and restore virtue to the face and heart of our country’s politics. In this time of ideological and political warfare, the people of God must occupy, express our support and voice our concern in the prayer closet and out in public, in the sanctuary and in classroom conversation, on talk-shows, in the letter of the law, in letters to the editor, in personal beliefs and in phone calls to representatives, in educating others and in our election day ballots. God with us makes a majority-and if God be for us, who can be against us?!

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