Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thankful for the Expected Unexpected

I'm grateful, I'm thankful. God is doing so much all around us. Sure, the unexpected summer rain may soak through and send your proverbial linen suit to the cleaners prematurely, but it also purifies the atmosphere and quenches the thirst of all things planted. I have learned that like seasons of unpredictable precipitation are not meant to dampen our faith, but to make possible deep, cleansing breaths of fresh air, and the beauty of an abundant, ripe harvest of flowering fruit.

During our REUNION youth service Friday night I couldn't help but notice such Spirit produce and breathe a healthy sigh of relief. Between last Sunday, and this Friday I've had a number of conversations and received multiple emails; young people and parents thanking our team for our diligence in facilitating faith community, others wanting to create multi-media promotions for our youth ministry, another inquiring about joining our youth music department, and even one email volunteering apologetically why they would not be able to attend. That was fruit. During Friday night's service a particular young person sang lead to a song for the very first time. A short time ago, who would've thought...? That was fruit. I noticed several young people who could've taken an advantage of parents being out of town to fill the final Friday night of August with carefree fun, but instead chose the commitment and responsibility of local youth ministry. That is fruit. A friend of mine, a few years younger than I ministered to us. He broke the Bread of life, God spoke and we responded. 114 young people on their hands, knees and faces, building their own altars at the front of our youth chapel- that was fruit. I couldn't help but think to myself and comment to my wife later just how blessed we are here at The Rock Church, within our own youth community to have young men and women who are so radically committed to the Word and His work - who are called, anointed and capable; teachers and preachers already in their own right, but submitted to leadership, having teachable spirits, and the heart of a Servant.

When unexpected weather arrives the temptation is to entangle oneself in the evil forecast of whatever everyone else is saying and or doing. In these moments of uncertainty, speculation, hear say or hypothesis it's easy to miss the opportunities and revelations that the sudden season, hour, or moment was intended to create. The rain should drive us inward, into the shelter of the Strong Tower, the fog should further ground us in His Word where we belong, and the scorching heat of the day should force us beneath the shadow of the Almighty.


Sammy said...

Awesome post Bro.Joe,
Youth Service Fri night was incredible! I am so excited to see what God is doing in TRC as a whole as well as TRGYC...the next generation!... There will ALWAYS be a church! I am behind the ministry 100% as well as many others! Thank You Jesus for the experience we had Friday night!!!

Chels:) said...

It was definatly an awesome night and I will never forget what I felt I love you guys so much !!!! :) Keep on giving us the word!!!!!

ps, Because of the title of this post I thought sis.tawni was you know...expecting lol and I got all excited hahaha :) well again I say I love you guys sooo much !!!!

LeNai said...

I totally agree 100% with chels and Sammy!!! These past services have been services to remember especially in my life!!!! I'm so excited at what God is going to raise up in my generation and the generations to come!!!!! I am 100% commited to this church and to my leaders!!!!
Luv ya!!!! ;)