Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SUMMERMANIA - this Friday night!

This Friday night we're going to be up all night for TRGYC's SUMMERMANIA, an all night outdoor fundraiser event featuring fun and fellowship for Apostolic young people across Northern California. A portion of the proceeds ($25 entry fee) will go to sponsor national pastors and native missionaries in Mexico, South America & Africa for one whole year!

After a Chick-fil-a dinner and appearance by the 'Chick-fil-a Cow', activities will include a Paintball Tournament, live game shows, $400 in giveaways (including an iPod Touch), Inflatable Jousting, Pillow 'Fights', Obstacle Course, Basketball tournament & contests, Volleyball, Christian DJ & Karaoke, Video/Board Game Room, Lounge Area, Artist's Palette (live painting), Photo Booth, Neck/Bow Tie Swap Shop - and incredible Coffee, Fruit, Pastry & Cereal Bar.

Needless to say, our awesome TRGYC staff will be up all night with us. Naturally, Rockstars tends to be the localenergy drink of choice here at The Rock Church, but I was curious which energy drinks provides the most energy, in your opinion. Let us know!

Come on out and join us for some fun - and help sponsor local youth ministry, and missions work around the world!
For more info email: youthpastor@therockgrouplive.com or call (916) 689-ROCK


Anonymous said...

This sounds so much fun. and I think Red Bull would be the energy drink of my choice.

~ Aydin

Nary said...

i don't think there is anyone cuter in the world than the little blondie in the main pic.
p.s. she might be able to help us out with which drink is best--she never seems to run out of energy!

her nary