Saturday, August 22, 2009

SUMMERMANIA: thanks & pics

Again, thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it happen and who attended (from Redding to the Bay Area, to Bakersfield) to make our work worthwhile. In addition to blessing our local youth ministry with the means to make some key purchases, your attendance and participation is making it possible for us to support national pastors for up to an entire year in Africa, Mexico and South America! Here are few pics from SUMMERMANIA, our all night outdoor event. We'll see you back for an even better 2010!

Softball beneath the lights, with the beautiful Rock Church in the background.

Chick-fil-a registration booth, Spinning Wheel & Mascot

One of our guests chicken sandwiches (included w/ admission) - this one was Left Behind


Live GameShow Stage featuring more than $400 in Starbucks, Best Buy & iTunes gift cards (including an iPod Touch)

Hangin' out

Playin video games

The DJ - 'Brutha Aubrey Robinson, Sr.'

All that was left of the breakfast bar by 8am

My pictures of the paintball field didn't come out - we'll grab some from someone else and post.

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LeNai said...

Summermania was a total BLAST!!! Thank you Bro Joe for making a way for us young ppl to have fun and also meet others!!!!
Love ya