Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to the Builder

Several months ago I was present when the following language sculpture was unveiled in the form of poetic supplement to an already masterful sermon, during an anniversary service. Alas, my hands have come upon this coveted piece - but I will share, for to conceal, in this case, would be the act of thievery. To all who build, in the natural and in the spirit...

“Ode to the Builder” by our Bishop, Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson

The mind a thousand patterns, may devise or store, genius flit,
Creative wit, brilliant thought , made to fit
And yet, unmoving, still they sit, in abstract realm of hope alone
With freedom wish, no self, no ‘own.’

Tho’t’s of beauty, seem so free, escape they seek, reality,
For something/nothing, at once they be,
Caught in yon and distant sphere
Not quite there, not quite here,

Stored forever swirling, swirling,
Only tho’ts – twirling . . .twirling,
Never knowing being,
Flitting, fleeing….

Liquid, shapeless, hard to see
This realm of ‘possibility’
Without form, void, unsized,
Forever nothing actualized.

Can ‘potential’ now at last,
By intrepid soul be grasped
And with ‘action’ firm be cast

From flighty wave of tho’t as foam
Into the dark uncharted loam
And there beneath earth’s heavy curtain
Abide alone, in angst, uncertain,

Where there it human will doth meet
And join it in courageous feat
Where ‘chance’ is grasped with all he’s got
To pull it from the world of tho’t

And add to her abstract elixir
A dash of action as his mixer.

ACTING! ACTING! while others quail
Declaring reasons such will fail
He peers far down in deep crevasse
Of great, may fatal, loss

Yea, some explain,
Even gambling, for great gain,
Could they be right? Is he sane?
Can one from tho’t create again?

He leaps into the roiling whirl
And grips great thot’s within the swirl
With dash, n’ deftness, courage bold
He grips those thot’s and starts to mold

He breaks the line ‘tween tho’t & deed,
He acts with courage, does indeed,
One for the other there is need,
He also knows that one must lead,
To break the line ‘tween tho’t & deed

Elements raw, unbent, proud,
Declaring tho’ts but airy cloud
Declare that ‘change is not allowed’

But cloud-like tho’ts & elements raw
Both acquiesce to hammer and saw,
When Builders with acts like God
From tho’ts alone bring structures tall,

Out of nothing they do birth,
Dominion & “Thy will on earth.”

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