Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lover of Cheeses

I love cheese.

American, the pride of patriots between the patties of an In-n-Out double-double.
Cheddar, skirting one of Becky Salter's homemade grilled cheese sandwiches - or the flavor of Cheezits!
Bleu, the perfect crumbled accompaniment for a Cobb salad - or as the complimentary accoutrement, or 'dressing' for chicken wings.
Monterey Jack, melting jealously over milanesa!
Cream, stuffing breaded jalapenos or decorating steamed brocoli.
Swiss, the holiest (as in holey) of all, made to entice mice & hover over roast beef.
Brie, for whom crackers are merely a means of conveyance from port to portal.

Cheese makes me laugh. There's nothing like a good, 'cheesey' joke - especially after a long day or late night, with family or friends. Seems like some Pastor's have a proclivity for it - these jokes are only funny to some. I call it PhD; a degree of pastoral humor.

Cheese makes me smile, because it makes me think of Rori's smile - and the countless times our 2-year old princess has prefaced camera clicks with her cheery 'Cheethse!'

It also takes me back to my early childhood, around an Apostolic altar after preaching and a Pentecostal, home missions church service. Other children near me were praying also, but there is one particular sight and sound I will never forget. With hands lifted high and eyes closed so tight that they quenched the thirst of the carpet below, one of the children repeated 'I love you Jesus' over and over and over.

Only, with her accent, it sounded like she was saying, 'I love you Cheeses!' I've chuckled about it years later, but as children we only recognized the sincerity. We all heard and knew what she meant, and so did He.

For all of the obvious reasons, and more, I am an avowed lover of cheeses.

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Sammy said...

Haha! Funny Post Bro.Joe,
I do love all kinds of cheeses too i think im going to go eat some crackers and cheese for lunch now! haha...I love Rori's lil "cheethse" it's so cute! I love the Escudero's!