Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Creative Genius of Genesis

I had a wonderful conversation with a few friends at Wingstop after church service last night. By the way, you can add 5 wings to an order of 10 (to make 15, a happy medium between 10 and 20), for an additional $2.99. During the warm exchange one of my brothers replied, 'Im just a baby - I was baptized 5 years ago.' To which I assured my comrade that we all too are babes in Christ.

This fact is profoundly reinforced every time I peer into the timeless - the words of life and works of Christ that John said all the libraries in the world could not contain.

Take for instance, the beginning. Read the first two chapters of Genesis, the first book in the Bible - an account of the Six Days of Creation.

The continuous, repeating threads carefully and consistently woven by Holy inspiration throughout the Bible amaze me again, and again. Every incredible layer is a reminder of just how elementary my childlike understanding is - and a welcoming invitation for further exploration at the same time.

After looking closely at each creative 'day', I closed my eyes and allowed the Spirit to settle the sediment and sort the sentiment of my immediate interpretation, and all too quick life application.

In the beginning, the Word spoke and created a formless planet, suspended in the dark void of space. The Word of God spoke, and created light. Then, the Word separated light from the darkness. Throughout each of the creative days succeeding the first, the spoken Word performs and completes a powerful, meticulous, purposeful pattern. Astonishingly, that pattern is: 1) creation, and 2) separation by distinction.

I am a testimony, as you too are, or can be, that after thousands of years, the Word of God still speaks life into existence. The anthropomorphic fingerprints of the Word of God still appear to touch humanity, to shape our minds and to build our bodies in a manner that resembles His likeness. The Word of God still breathes into the souls of humanity. The breathing Word, now in us, still desires to speak things into existence, to create - and to separate, for His purpose and for His glory.

Like David, when I consider the Heavens, and the works of thy fingers and all thy hands have made, oh God - what is man (who am I) that thou art mindful of him (me), and the son of man that thou visiteth him (me)? Make me in your image. Word of God speak, create and separate in my life as you see necessary.

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