Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Redhead!

Today my girlfriend of 9 years, heart throb & redheaded love of my life turned 30. We celebrated modestly - by waking at 4am to board flights to Tulsa, OK where we locked arms, laughed, reminisced, kissed, drank diet coke, ate peanut M&Ms & shared a book, enjoying eachother's companyfor several hours on Southwest Airlines. After patiently waiting for me to prevail against the Prince of the Air @ Enterprise Rentals & the Renaissance Hotel (30 rooms), we made the best of a birthday in Tulsa (lol) away from family & friends by eating dinner &watching a live Broadway performance of WICKED (the other side of the story of The Wizard of Oz - a future blog post waiting to happen).

Tawni Lynn, thanks for putting TRGYC first & letting me get away with the minimums until after PEAK. I love you from the bottom of my (your) heart!


Jessica N. said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Escudero! I've always heard 30's are the BEST years!

Cherylg said...

Happy b-day to your wife. Mine is today.