Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tawni and I got up this morning, showered, packed & checked our TRGYC entourage out of the hotel. After completing an inter-review for an audio-visual PEAK journal our multi-media team is compiling, we bee-lined for Cracker Barrel. After a series of consecutive days with no more than 5 hours of shut-eye a piece, there was only one mission in mind: kill the sleep deprivation induced headache with caffeine and cholesterol. Thankfully, consuming a sacrifice of chicken fried chicken, biscuits & gravy, country hashed browns, bacon and coffee did the trick. Whoever said Pentecostals don't get hangovers haven't partied with our young people or lo'oked at the average waistline of our movement, ha! Next, we boarded our plane in Tulsa. It fell our lot to sit right behind Bro. Larry Booker and next to Bro. & Sis. Stephen Buxton. In a matter of minutes, the great elder's seat reclined. Jacob slept upon a rock. Bro. Booker prefers a Thompson Chain for his pillows. Bro. Buxton and I enjoyed using our iPhones to photographically capture the process of osmosis, by which I am sure he uploaded ancient Hebrew history and conference sermon material, right before my very own eyes (literally). I'll post a pic later, maybe.
Now we're sitting in Phoenix, enduring a two hour layover. The motley crew that is Drew Morton and TRGYC's own Sarah Short and Chelsea Scott have joined me and my netbook in the boarding area. I will limit what I say about them, for one, noone ever likes to read good about anybody else, and second, they have just sat down right next to me, LOL. In the meantime, I am playing security guard over my wife's carryon, patiently waiting while she compares the caloric possibilities and weighs the pros and cons between a Starbuck's Frappuchino and a Wendy's Frosty. It's amazing how an incredible youth conference, inordinate lack of sleep and musty airport terminal can reduce life for the moment and simulate the survival of the fittest. Well, we're about to board and head home to Sacramento, CA. Our apologies, this is all you get untilw e get some sleep, lol.

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