Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Sunday Night Thoughts

Getting ready to retire for the night. Plum tuckered, whatever that means. Makes me feel like Chick Bowdrie. Rori doesn't ever go down easy - she is in denial that sleep is a necessity until it she's dreaming. My little Rori Lane Sugar Cane Candy Rain Punkie-noodle Snickerdoodle mascot. Nice abstract 2 yrd old artwork. Wish I could fall asleep as easily as Tawni - must've been the goodnight kiss. Forever in Love with You. What a Sunday. Pastor's message, 'From the King to the Worm.' If you're lucky you'll hear it or get a hand on the cd. God's repeated reach never ceases to amaze me. What a God. What a man. Thank you sounds cheap. Happy 40th birthday to my dear Pastor's wife - we'll celebrate some more in Tulsa. TLE & SRY are Superwomen - celebrating their 30th & 40th birthdays at PEAK. Our band is awesome. Lonny you're a natural. You too Boss. Memory lane with Bishop & Sis. Wilson. Brick by brick, we don't know how blessed we are at The Rock Church. Have you ever seen an Eiffel Tower out model made out of Panera Bread and a peanut butter fountain? I have. They taste good too. LeSharon you rock. Pippi's red velvet chocolate cake, mmm. Twitter updates. Need to get shoes shined and pack for PEAK. Tulsa, OK. Thunderstorms or humidity, that is the question. I'll be kind to my RDouglas. Two bow ties this year - Winston Churchill, not Orville Reidenbacher. What a Sunday. Going to take it with me tomorrow. Monday is here. Opportunity. Big appt at 11am. Blessed to be a blessing. Too hot today. Lost weight today without working out. Time for cold sheets and pillows. If you need the light on, call Tom Bodett or check in later for more e-luminations.

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