Thursday, July 23, 2009

PEAK, Pei Wei & Power Naps

Pei Wei was a precursor to an attempt at yet another power nap. That nap quickly fell prey to prevailing ideas, deeper thoughts, a replay of concepts discussed over Chinese food with a great friend, and a replay of sound bytes from this morning's message.
What a morning, what a message. No morse code, Rosetta Stone or debate over private interpretation necessary - it was clear, 'Defy the Decline.' If there were critics who noted the sirname and dismissed the messenger altogether, well, mark them - and it should come as no surprise when they 'arrive' without the 'Message.' Complimenting a revelatory Word with sociology, hilarity and a great spirit, Pastor Nathan Morton (Chico, CA) preached a timeless word to a generation with an appetite for the eternal. Several statements more or less summarized the conclusion of the whole matter: Stand strong. Search the Scripture. Have Conviction. Pursue Truth. Be radical. Say what you believe. Don't be bullied by the numbers. Fight back, and don't be ugly. It's easier to 'reign in a radical' than to 'fix the wreckage of compromise'. Resisting compromise is only a prerequisite - take territory and have unprecedented revival in your heart, in your youth ministry, in your church, online and around the world!
Of the nearly 3500 in attendance, approximately 1000 young people initiated an unsolicited altar call (I prefer to spell it 'alter') before the completion of the sermon. In more than one way, their collective motion symbolized a societal response and spoke volumes on behalf of a missing voice. It is time for a Holy rebellion and radical revolution that includes separation unto. I know, 'they' say you you can't preach that way because 'they, don't want it. Hmmm, who are 'they?' 'They' weren't anywhere to be found in Tulsa this morning - and that may be just the problem.

Thursday night service begins in 1 hour and 20 minutes. For more uodates, follow on Twitter (you must have an account to follow): jdeTRGYC

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