Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Departure

Our departure begins. It's 3:49am and in a few minutes we're putting our lives and luggage into the trunk of an Element, and traversing towards the Sacramento International Airport. If you know me, you know there's only one good reason I'm awake at this hour - because I have to be. I wouldn't be blogging if I was up in response to intercessory prayer either. If we caught a later flight we would'nt land in Tulsa until late. We're going to exorcise every demon in the Renaissance Hotel before our young people arrive. Anyway, warm that cinnabon up my dear brother whoever you are behind that inevitable counter, because the frosting on that man-made, manufactured cholesterol bomb could be the difference between my attitude and Heaven and Hell at this hour of the morning, haha!

All hilarity aside (yeah right!), follow e-luminations.blogspot.com on Twitter over the next four days and join us in Tulsa, OK for LIVE UPDATES from PEAK 2009!

Twitter name: jdeTRGYC

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