Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh Thank Heaven for 7/11

What do you get when you have 1800 young people attend the last night of an incredibly successful, albeit inaugural youth event in Tulsa, OK in a down economy one year? You go from the Green Country Event Center to the Spirit Bank Arena and have more than 3500 show up in an even worse economy a year later on the opening night! Every shuttle run to the airport, rental van, car, coach and bus speak to the excitement that has built over the past 12 months for PEAK. Thousands of young people flooded the arena, and by sheer force of number made history for Pentecostals. Church service, scheduled to start at 7:30pm did not begin on started early - 28 minutes early with nary a musician, singer or service leader on the platform! Bro. Stringfellow spoke a Word of deliverance from the past and titled his message, 'Let's Get it Right This Time!'
It's 2:04am and the last of TRGYC have finally retired for a short respite. At this hour, I'm singing the well known convenient store jingle, 'Ohhhh thank Heaven (and the WPF Youth Council) for 7/11.' That is, service at 7pm and 11am! Check back tomorrow morning around 11am for more PEAK updates.

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