Monday, July 27, 2009

The Devil's in the Details

Hahaha. Nevermind that young people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or that they repeatedly preempted worship services with their own handclapping and a capella praise, vacated seats and flooded the altar space without being solicited or that thousands of lives were obviously changed by the challenging messages preached.

I have people texting, emailing, calling - wanting to verify the details. No, no, they aren't concerned with how many received the Holy Ghost, or what exactly was preached. They want to verify the apparent discrepancy in attendance, and clarify the conflicting reports. They want to know just how many sermons were preached 'on holiness' or 'separation' - belittling a core, fundamental truth that, although it was not harped on at PEAK, no man can see the Lord without. But, let's not be concerned with conviction or actually taking up our cross - they're more concerned with just how bad the accoustics were, and terrible the sound must've been in an arena that size.

So, here are the answers you asked for.
1) Spirit Bank Event Center will seat between 4500-4800, by their own account (google it).
2) There were 1800 pre-registrants, not including the mile-long line out the door at 6:45pm Wednesday night of those who had not yet registered and were waiting to do so. Last year, there were only 300 pre-registered; this year's totals more than quintuppled last years!
3) There was an estimate crowd of between 3500-3600 in attendance on the first night, which more than doubled the estimated largest crowd durin the last night of PEAK last year estimated to be at 1700.
4) The 2000 figure mentioned was in reference to those who were flooding the altar areas during worship service(s). Even so, peruse previously posted pics - there aren't many vacant seats.
5) There were multiple organizations present for PEAK; the WPF is not just about the WPF - it's about apostolic fellowship with people of like precious faith. People who are found in the UPC, ALJC, COGIC and on and on and on. One word, metanoia.
6) For the record, there weren't any sermons on holiness. When the Spirit of Holiness is there both in spirit and in practice, you don't have to preach on it.

So there you have it. I love you, we'll hang out, but you're wrong and looking for negativity. Now, I've been involved in both church and secular politics long enough to know that the facts won't ever satisfy the naysayer - that's just what I am proving yet again by responding here. Because, you see, the devil is always in the details.


Pierce Household said...

Amen! As a parent of two teenagers I cannot begin to tell you what P.E.A.K. Conference has done for my kids - both years. A life changing experience. Thank you!

Youth Director : Jason West said...

I just want to go on Record to say that your tie in your Heading Picture is off the hook. Love ya man!

e-luminations said...

God bless the Pierce household - where are you all from?

Thanks dude - hope you all have a great camp. Those kids are blessed to have you.

Tim Rivers said...

Very true and real post. I can speak for our youth and say that PEAK changed some futures for our young people. God is no respector of person or place. When people are gathered to seek HIS face, he WILL show up.

Brandon said...

I knew that there was a reason I always hated details...