Thursday, July 30, 2009

BLAST from the PAST: WD SrCamp 97

A twelve year old photo of Tawnibelle (18) and me (16), pictured after the last night of the Western District's Sr. Youth Camp in Santa Maria, CA. The photo is circa 1997- I was skinny, and she was Shoemake - we fixed both of those problems a little over seven years ago, haha! It was there that she stole my heart. A few months later a freshman in college told a High School sophomore suitor that it 'would never happen.' As the saying goes, 'never say never!'

I still have the bow tie I'm wearing, and trying to bring back (below) - but most importantly, I still have the girl and she still has my heart.

Maybe we'll provide a pictorial step-by-step 'how to' tie a bow tie. Maybe if more fellows knew how to tie them they'd sport them. Think Winston Churchhill. Bishop Curtis Young (he told me when he first started preaching that's all he would wear!).
Now, I can't guarantee that bow ties will help open ministry doors for you, book a revival, get you the girl you want, or help you keep her, but they are classic, timeless, nonetheless.


Chels:) said...

AWWWWWWWW YOu GUYS LOOK LIKE US :D lol Bro Joe that bow tie has gotta go lol so 90s :)

Jessica N. said...

Great choice for a wife! As for the bow tie. . . ;)