Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enough is Enough

In California, certain powers that be circumvented the legislative minority, and proposed their alleged acts of reform to the people - the people listened, and they responded. On Tuesday, the outspoken message cast by the majority of voters was simply, 'We refuse to be taxed - temporarily, or otherwise.' Ronald Reagan went to his grave with similar hopes, believing that he'd receive the spending cap he traded temporary taxes for - but it never happened. What's the saying - 'those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?'

The same principle is true in the spiritual Kingdom of God. At what point is 'enough' enough? When will 'the people' rise to at least a close assemblance of unanimity, revolt against the present darkness and declare that the proverbial buck stops here? Too often we negotiate, cave in, compromise, concede and relinquish what rightfully belongs to us, to the evil majority that dominates many aspects of our culture, the overwhelming pressure of peer influence and a God-less society. All too frequently we give things up that we have worked so long and hard for, for what? For programs, promises and perks?

In conclusion, I'll borrow the lyrics to a gospel song that is a propo for the moment: 'I refuse to lose, I'm not backing down, God promised this to me - this is Holy ground. So, Satan back up and get your hands off of me - I refuse to lose, I have authority!'

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reagan and the Pentecostals

A couple of weeks ago Assemblyman Miller hosted Michael Reagan prior to an anti-tax rally on the steps of the Capitol - and I had the honor of entertaining and escorting Mr. Reagan. I've posted a couple of photographs - and particularly enjoy the one taken beneath the official gubernatorial photo of his late father, former Governor of CA and President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Michael Reagan shared so many wonderful insights rgarding the dangers of compromise and tax negotiation with the Assemblymembers and legislative staff who gathered for a closed session meeting - but I'll never forget something he shared with me over coffee earlier in the morning. He said someone asked him to point out the difference between Republicans and Democrats. His answer, a sad reality laced with with humor and truth was, 'The only difference is that it takes Republicans a week longer to become Communists!'

Apply that political shoe, and put it on the feet of Pentecostals - amid the mainstream of Christianity where millions worldwide now claim Pentecost. What's the difference? What distinguishes us from the rest? Is the only difference between conservative and liberal, between WPF and UPC or ALJC a matter of time? In time will it be said that it only took us a little bit longer to compromise with the culture?

God forbid. I am Apostolic and the distinguishing characteristics that define my identity are neither inherited, nor emergent. They have been and are being born in me, simultaneously old and new - yet unchanged from the beginning, perpetually affording me the oppurtunity to be a part of something transcendent.