Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Limits - Next Week!

No Limits begins with Innovate on Monday. No Limits the Conference begins Wednesday night. So many memories, messages, altar/alter experiences, friends, food and good times! The skinny guy in the above picture pulling the world in a wagon reintroduced some 9 year old nostalgia to me; pulling off the riviera road, fending off farm dogs, walking out into the field with a photographer in tow. I remember who I was with, what I was wearing, where we ate before, what we talked about and what we did after.
Wow, how time flies and life changes. How friendships fade and resurface. I don't fit in that suit anymore and those shoes have long since been forfeited. Somethings stand the test of time, like the call to ministry. Somehow, through all of the change - our hand is still to the plow (or pulling the wagon you might say), and the weight of the world is just as real as it has ever been. So what about the world - what have we done? What ARE we doing about it? Our world- our city, our neighborhood community, our place of occupation, our school campus, our home? God, help us to 'take the limits off' and allow You to do what You want, through us.

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Ashley Nichole (アシュリ-) said...

Amen! My prayer this week has been that God would open my mind and take all of the limits off of what we think that God can or can not do. God can do anything! There are "No limits" to Gods abilities!