Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Got Mail

The familiar site of a stuffed mailbox always brings a smile to my face for some strange reason, I don't even mind the mounds of junk mail, ask my dear husband I'm a catalog collector (they just might save me that cute black skirt from 3 seasons ago, you never know). Everyday I come home from work and the first thing I do is check the mail box to see what the kind USPS delivery man has brought just for me and my house.

Tonight we rushed home from work, ate something fast, rushed off to prayer at church and then out to coffee with friends, a quick trip to the grocery store and when we got home I was ready for bed, but wait!!! I missed my ritual trip to the mail box, so at 10:45 pm I made my way to the front porch, unlocked the mailbox and pulled out the various pieces...junk mail, bills, a couple of packages, a catalog and a piece of mail that looked like one of those mortgage offers that you get hundreds of once you buy a house, I almost threw it away, but I opened it "just in case" and to my delight there was a check inside from a class action suit that was settled and we were one of many on the list to get a part of the settlement. There is much more meaning behind the check, but that's another story for another blog post. Tonight I am simply and eternally grateful for God's mercy, grace and HIS blessings that I can't even explain they are INDESCRIBABLE!!!

If you live within driving distance of the Rock Church, please don't wait another minute to join us in service. God has been performing the miraculous and it is amazing! From backsliders finding their way back home, to people being filled with HIS holy ghost for the first time, diseases being healed, and financial miracles - God has NO LIMITS, watch out world!!!

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