Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who needs Twitter , lol?

I'll post some pics from our recent expedition ASAP.

Friday, Dec. 12:

12:00am: get home from Crystal's 22nd birthday at Leatherby's
5:00am: alarm clock goes off, an hour before we're supposed to leave
6:00am: jump out of bed in a panic, overslept an hour
6:20am: Infiniti flies out of the driveway
7:50am: board Southwest flight to Ontario, CA
9:05am: land in Ontario, claim check-in bags
9:45am: hop in car with Brandon Wilmoth
10:15am: eat a chorizo & egg burrito at Baker's
10:50am: tee off at Shandin Hills
2:15pm: Brandon birdies the 15th hole w/ a 45 ft chip-in off the green
2:30pm: abandon Shandin Hills on the 16th hole
2:45pm: shower, change, relax
3:45pm: ate dinner @ Red Robin w/ Brandon
4:45pm: headed for the mountains & Redlands Youth Retreat
5:30pm: arrived at Mile High Pines - met each young person in the Dining Hall
6:00pm: turned wall heater on HIGH; reflected, prayed, reviewed notes
7:15pm: met for prayer in the chapel
7:30pm: Andrew Simpson led accoustic worship service
7:40pm: pre-sermon altar call; God's Spirit moves powerfully
8:45pm: still praying with young people; word of knowledge in operation- God calls young man to ministry in the local church; 2 receive the Holy Ghost!
9:00pm: 10 minute regroup message about 'making up our minds' & dismissal (get a text that God moved back home in Sac during our youth service)
9:30pm: fun & games, a chili-cheese dog & diet coke
12:00am: fall asleep in Shepherds Rest

Saturday, Dec. 13:

8:30am: breakfast bell wakes me up
8:45am: eat 2 pancakes, drink hot chocolate (its freezing)
10:15am: met for prayer in the chapel
10:30am: Ray led accoustic worship service
11:00am: Pastor BJ Wilmoth begins to preach a powerful message about creating a defensible area of your life where sin's fire cannot reach
11:05am: Bro. Wilmoth stops - unknowingly, points to same young & says 'you're going to be our next Jr. High Pastor; young man whips around & looks at me- very cool God moment!
11:45am: everyone huddles around their Pastor, praying
12:00pm: lunchtime; sandwich, peaches, orange & apple
1:00pm: phone calls home, prayer time
3:00pm: lay before the Lord (ok, I took a nap)
4:30pm: reflect, pray, review notes
5:30pm: Dinner; trying to be good, only ate a salad.
6:00pm: shower, dress for church; more prayer
7:15pm: met for prayer in the chapel
7:30pm: Nathan & Stacy White lead worship
8:00pm: preach a message about 'The Called Out Ones'
8:45pm: altars fill, God 'calls people out' & touches lives again
9:15pm: advised we need to leave or get snowed in (it snowed during service)
10:15pm: arrive at Chili's -eat a salad (ok, & burger bites)
12:00am: unload at Brandon & Rachael's house, stay up talking
1:00am: crash

Sunday, Dec. 14:
8:00am: alarm goes off, spend some time in prayer
9:00am: shave, shower, get ready for church
9:45am: run to Panera - Brandon eats a chocolate pastry
10:00am: service starts
10:45am: some youth pastor from Sacramento preaches
11:30: church responds, altars fill -1 man receives the Holy Ghost!
12:30: eat at Olive Garden w/ the entire Wilmoth family, Ralph, Chris & Logan McCorckle
2:30pm: Todd aborts his Sunday nap and drives me to airport
4:10pm: check in bags & board Southwest flight
5:30pm: land in Sacramento
6:00pm: the most beautiful red-head in the world picks me up, we kiss and head stratight to church
6:30pm: a packed church-house enjoys TRC's Childrens' Christmas Musical:'Dr. New Heart's Christmas'
9:00pm: eat at Cheesecake Factory with family & friends


James Wilder said...

Sheesh... Twittered out on this one. Glad you didn't include EVERY detail! lol

I want to hear more about their acoustic worship. Cool how different worship leaders each night.

Jason & Leah said...

you need to twitter dude.