Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday Testimony

Intuitively, spiritual people know to judge people by their fruits (that which they produce), rather than by their suits (that which they put on). However, some of us are still working on our spirituality. Between the Church, Assembly and Fundraising I spend more time in a button-up shirt, suit and tie than not. Let me rephrase that-that is, time well spent in RDouglas custom suits and shirts. Needless to say, years of wear have caused me to become a haberdasher of sorts and I am very particular. For instance, today I transitioned nicely from the State Capitol to the Sanctuary without having to swap suits out or press my apparel. Given the fact that I was already tardy, this at least afforded me the opportunity to make it in time for the evening manna. Today, the steel grey, herringbone RDouglas was both complimentary and resilient through meetings, MaJong's and an incredible sermon. If you own one, this comes as no surprise. More and more are sharing similar testimonies of their own. Last Friday a well-known photographer friend put on his first RDouglas custom suit and described the experience. I told him I would blog his quote-he said, 'it felt like I was putting on pajamas.'
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