Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Santa 'Clause'

Santa Claus was sighted on 2nd Avenue in Elk Grove today - a matinee appearance for this Merry season.

Much to the chagrin of one little girl who was sorely disappointed to learn of the truth, the Santa 'Clause' is that it really wasn't Santa Claus at all. Now, we don't instill the make-belief that Santa exists anyway, but it is good for children to grow-up with a sense of fantasy and wonder. Besides, it was an excuse to get together and a lot of fun. It's a lot more fun when you don't have to wait in a long line or plop your child in some perverted stranger's lap. Our 'Santa' was a 6-foot, 16 year old who is strong as an ox, can press more with his triceps than I can with my legs- and yet has a tender heart that delights in making little children genuinely happy. Accompanying 'Santa' was his little elf, the effervescent, loving, creative genius costumed in green, parallel candy-cane stripes.

At first Rori was a bit overwhelmed by the bearded man in the red velvet suit, sock feet and skateboard - but before the evening was over she had a ton of fun, as did we, with many of her friends and their parents.

Here's a quick clip of Rori brief Jingle Bells performance (Auntie Karla holding buddy Jack in background). Enjoy!

Thank you Auntie 'Kah-wuh' and Uncle 'Chad!' for hosting. We have such wonderful family and friends within our faith community.

Johannes, Boston, Tawni and London

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lol That is too cute!