Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Favorite Gift

It's December 26th, but Christmas isn't over. Sure, retailers may cease from commercially celebrating this marketable season for another year, but the gift of the birth of Christ in the hearts of people is still brand new experience each and every day for millions. So, Christmas continues - but suffice it to say, there aren't any more presents around the base of our decorated Douglas Fir. We had a wonderful time this year with family, immediate, extended, and friends. The economic downturn didn't have the slightest affect on the time we spent or the memories we made.

Our favorite gift this year really wasn't ours, it was Rori's. It wasn't even wrapped - it was stuffed in her stocking.
What was it?? It was a little manger scene with figurines of Mary, Joseph, wise men, sheep and last but not Jesus.
(or 'baby Jee-suths!' as Rori exclaims). 'Baby Jesus' is no bigger than a clenched, two-year old fist and that's where He snuggled through the duration of our opening Christmas presents. He was kissed over and over, His name repeated every few minutes- and He even joined us at the table for breakfast burritos, salsa, potatoes, orange juice and coffee (compliments of Tawni, Mom, LeSharon and Crystal). Here's a picture from breakfast:

2 homes, 10 hours, 15 relatives and however many gifts later (including her first tricycle!) we pulled back into our driveway for more family time and desserts. The first thing Rori scrambled to find and could say when we walked in the door was, 'Baby Jee-suths!!!'

We looked at eachother and couldn't help but harbor tears in our eyes, we're doing something right! Who would've thought a $1 manger scene from the Dollar Tree could bring a little one (and her family) so much joy.

Whatever your favorite gift is this year, our prayer is that you too would be willing to cast all else aside and remember the most important gift of all - baby Jesus. As Fred Hammond sang, 'He is not just a baby - He is King!'


SARAH said...

That is priceless! I love you Rori! You are the BEST!!!

Carly said...

Aw that is so precious! =) Rori is such a doll and you both are doing an incredible job raising her! Love and appreciate you both!