Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get Wrapped Up In The Little Things

My motto for this Christmas Season is “Get Wrapped Up In The Little Things!” I intend to spend my time off this holiday with family, friends, my fireplace and a few good books. What activities do I have planned, well here’s my wish list…

Spend lots of time with Johannes & Rori Lane

photo courtesy of Scott Andrew Fine Photography

Part of which will be spent trying out potty training Rori (please pray for me)

Baking Christmas, New Years and whatever holidays I make up COOKIES while listening to Alabama sing "Thistlehair the Christmas Bear" or Sarah Brightman's version of "Silent Night" and just maybe "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas"

SHOPPING until I drop

And my Holiday resolution this year, which I’m trying to start before 2009 even gets here is to…

Everything in life should be SIMPLIFIED, that doesn’t mean you have to lose the significance or “specialness” of any tradition or throw out EVERYTHING in your garage, but we can all use a little clean up, right?

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