Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday in the Rear View Mirror

Today the Senate and Assembly swore in the newly-elected members of their respective legislative houses. Several morning hours preceding the scheduled ceremony start were spent securing the necessary access for Assemblyman Jeff Miller, his family, Capitol Staff and more than 40 VIP guests (including Pastor Young, Boston & London), many of whom travelled from Southern California to congratulate, support and share the day with him...

Office keys acquired, security badges brandished, chamber, gallery and committee tickets in tow, staff members situated, family members escorted, lunch purchased, event hosted, VIPs accommodated, lobbyists entertained, hors de horvres digested, hands-shaken, business cards swapped, stories told, pictures taken, networks expanded, history made-and apparently, Monday is officially over, in the books. An extremely successful day, by many accounts, that began at 6:45am is just now ending.

Marveling over the extraordinary flight of time does not redeem a single moment, but rather continues to squander the precious commodity of intangible measurement at an unrecoverable pace. However, if time is recycled into eternity, than there is a chance that even the most seemingly mundane tasks of our every day lives hold eternal value.

From one perspective, the sum total of today's politics do not appear very spiritual at all - but I have learned better than to judge the fertility of the soil, or productivity of a seed the same day it is planted. Usually, only weeds grow overnight. God put us where we are, and today, He ordered our steps again. In Him we live, we move, we breathe and have our being. Thus, I have no doubt that in due season we will reap the fruit of His harvest, if we faint not.

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Scott Andrew said...

good words my brutha. we need to wait on some things. God has a plan, this I do not doubt.