Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Manna

I grew up in the Bay Area. Naturally, when you wanted a Burger (notice the capital 'B'), you drove full speed down Webster Street until you ran into Nation's Giant Burgers. Nearly 11 years ago Sacramento introduced me to a somewhat steady diet of In-n-Out. I'll admit, sometimes there's nothing better after a Friday night youth service or activity than a double-double, well-done, no onions, with mustard instead of spread, light on the lettuce & tomato cheese burger, buns lightly toasted.
All that to say In-n-Out is still a fast food burger. For a sit down experience, ladies & gentlemen, it's all about The Squeeze-Inn, my new favorite BURGER (look out Nation's).

I'm scheming for a way to introduce our youth ministry to The Squeeze-Inn on a Friday night. The challenge is they close @ 8pm. Think they'd stay open late for us?

Here's the process - process is critical to the product.

The BBQ-Bacon-Cheeseburger at the Galt location is unbelievable. It's quite possibly the modern-day equivalent to Israeli manna in the wilderness.


Scott Andrew said...

dude, that looks so healthy. the new atkins diet?

James Wilder said...

haha - this is one of Sac Town's oldest burger joints. I remember doing a post last year comparing In N Out to Squeeze Inn. It's going to be hard to replace the In-N-Out EXPERIENCE. Of course, Squeeze-Inn got it's name for it's super tiny floor plan where no more than 5-6 people could fit at a time. The new location you posted looks a bit larger! How about the staff go and check this out in advance? Yummm....

Carly said...

those burgers look delish and that sounds like a blast =) count me in!