Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

This is Rori Lane, our little princess - otherwise affectionately known as our little 'Rori Lane, sugar-cane, candy-rain, punkie-noodle, snickerdoodle, cutie-pumpkin pie!' at a recent harvest play date with a bunch of her friends at a local pumpkin patch.
She is a bright spot to say the least, and she lights up our lives with her personality.
She spent last night with her Nary & Pippi. This morning we got a text that that melted our hearts. Another ray of Son-light parted the clouds and we wanted to share. Out of the blue Rori started singing a song we taught her (but haven't sung in at least a week or so),
'Word, whateber yer doin' in dith season, don' doit wifout me...'
Out of the mouth of babes, He has perfected praise. Lord, help us to have the requisite, child-like faith that our voluntary song and prayer would also be, 'Lord, whatever You're doing, in this season, don't do it without me.'



Samantha and Stephanie said...

well lesharon jr. is just adorable!!! so glad you joined the blogworld!! miss you guys!!

Amy said...

To my precious Rori Lane-- Auntie Mimi loves you to pieces!! Happy 2nd birthday :) You are growing up so fast! I can't wait for your candy party.... we are going to have sooooo much FUN!!!

Luv- Auntie Mimi

PS oh, Hi Joe and Tawni :)

Chels:) said...

AWWW thats to cute :)

Chandra said...

How cute! Welcome to Blogger!

Nary said...

Rori- my sunshine girl- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Our little sleep over was SOOOOO much fun!! You had your first ever Mochii! And BDK let you do WHATEVER you wanted at the restaurant (don't tell mommy you went in your elmo slippers!)!!! Then we had some surprise visitors! SB came over and boy did we laugh alot!! Can you please come over again tonight?!

Nary loves, loves, loves, loves, loves, loves, loves you! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Happy 2nd Birthday miracle Baby!!!!