Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday is Simply Sunday Eve

Last night we got together with a few close friends of ours, Jason & Leah West and Sam & Moni Hassas, for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. This year instead of cooking we dined 'Family-Style' at Maggiano's in the beautiful city of San Jose. I finally fell asleep at 2am this morning after 9 hours of Italian food, constructive conversation and iron-sharpening, like only can be experienced between the best of friends. So, I justified sleeping in a little bit - it was still Saturday morning when I got up. In the interest of Christmas, and practicing the principle of it being 'better to give than to receive', my lovely wife and her precious grandparents made their missionary journey over to Valley Fair and Santana Row. Jason West wrapped up his meeting with the legendary blue bomber crew, and then we ate the biggest and best Philly Cheesesteak sandwich EVER! Later on, we met Crystal, LeSharon and Ben for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a blast-we each ordered entrees and everyone shared everyone's food. It was a high-profile potluck. Some dude at the table next to us caught his dreadlock on fire and the manager came over keep things from getting too hairy. Quite humorous! After dessert and on the way home we met Assemblyman Jeff Miller and his sweet wife to gameplan a couple of events surrounding Monday morning's swearing in ceremony .

Anyhow, today was very productive on many fronts. All that in a day's work-Saturday. Yes, it's still Saturday, at least for another 23 minutes. I'm excited (to borrow Chad Adair's adjective). That means I get to wake up in a few hours, make my way to the house of God and once again participate in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE day of the week, Sunday!

I can't wait for Sunday, especially tomorrow at The Rock Church. It's almost a child-like feeling I recall experiencing on Christmas Eve, unable to sleep in anticipation of waiting gifts. I suppose for me, Saturdays are simply 'Sunday Eve.' Who knows what God has for us in his 'presence', I may not sleep much tonight. A few Saturday nights ago I woke up at 3:15am and stayed awake until 6:45am, before heading to the church at 8am. Who cares, it's only sleep. Regardless of what we have going on, God is doing something(s) this season, and I don't want to be caught sleeping, so to speak.

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Jason & Leah said...

It was great being with you guys this weekend! We MUST do it again before the end of the year!

Love you guys :0)