Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making Traditions

IT’s THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR, preparing for Thanksgiving, knowing Christmas is just around the corner. Don’t tell, but I already have Christmas music playing at home – oops we put it on the blog too so I guess the secret’s out. The holidays become even more exciting when there are small children around, they enjoy every ounce of the festivities (Rori says especially the CANDY). So what are some of your favorite family traditions? Here are some of ours:

We love to spend an evening together decorating the house for Christmas complete with a LIVE Christmas tree.

Every year we buy at least 1 new ornament for our tree (usually a few, but I’m trying to cut back, I promise). I love to decorate a tree full of different ornaments, they all have a special meaning (some from my childhood, a couple we bought on our honeymoon, one for our first Christmas together, Rori has several of her own 1st Christmas ornaments and many more). And every year since we’ve had our own house my Papa has bought a Krinkles figure for me to add to my decorating collection.

Once a year we host a small Christmas party for our close friends and enjoy an evening of desserts, coffee and friendship.

At my grandmother’s house we always read the Christmas story from the Bible and then sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate cake in His honor!

On Christmas morning there are stockings hung by the chimney with care, and full of goodies! When Rori was born we even tried to fit her in a stocking, but she wasn’t quite that little (if I can find the pic, I’ll post it on here).

This year Rori is old enough to start appreciating some other traditions, so I am looking for ideas we can implement in our household. I thought about an advent calendar with CHOCOLATE (one of her favorite treats), we will definitely begin our OWN reading of the Christmas story at home (if she hears it twice a year, then that’s an extra blessing) and since POPCORN makes a family (thank you for that lesson Sis. Wilson, and for teaching me how to make popcorn NOT in the microwave), I think we’ll start serving popcorn and hot cocoa while we decorate the house.

Happy Holidays and Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family!



James Wilder said...

It truly is "the most wonderful time of the year". Those relationships that mean the most to you are realized, and brought close... the many traditions. Last year was Em and I's first Christmas, so we've already begun - including ornaments, decorating and.... well, we have a lifetime to start new ones! Hope you're feeling better soon... looks like it's been bitter sweet for you though! Rori Lane is loving having her daddy nearby so often I'm sure.

SARAH said...

I think a tradition of Rori coming to the property for bake night needs to be started this YEAR!!!!!!!!!!