Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Light of the Election

In the last week I read a couple of articles-the headlines of which particularly raptured my attention. One of them revealed 'Republicans Ponder Path to Renewal' while another admitted 'GOP Does Soul Searching.' Commentators have suggested that the Republican party 're-brand' for the current market.

I couldn't disagree with that proposition more. It is time for the Republican base to rally, repair their image and restore conservativism (fiscal and social) as the party platform.

In a losing effort, it was a shame that one campaign had to resort to gimmickry, in order to create a buzz that was absent for the ticket from the beginning. What was missing?

We never saw the Maverick. We saw a docile doe negotiating with a political predator. Why were we surprised with the outcome? Afterall, there are no jackelopes in politics. You are, or you aren't-you can't be both.

Our country wants change (definition not a requirement), and they've received what they've asked for. We'll see how satisfied they are once that change is finally defined. Needs and wants are different however, and the last thing our country needs is compromise; especially when it concerns language, border, culture. That might sound Savage, but it's not.

This isn't a pulpit, it's a post-but I can't help point out the same is true and can be said of the Church. There is a definite place for pondering paths of renewal and soul searching (individually & corporately), but the Church is not in trouble. The church does not need a new label. Tough times require strong resolve-and this is no time for compromise.

As the Church, you are or you aren't, you are either in or you are out - you can't be both, and believe it or not, the world doesn't want you to be.

PS) If you're worried about 'relevance', cease. Truth is always relevant.



James Wilder said...

Great post.

I think if there is any re-defining of the Republican Party, it is truly to rid themselves of the neo-con, compromised, idea-less culture that has tried to take root. They've been a party without a message. If they go back and get their message (and not tired rhetoric), I think it's base will be more happy... as well as independents. Buckley/Reagan conservatives crossed-over typical political boundaries, and that's what is needed.

LOVE the new pics of you guys. Scott did a GREAT JOB!

e-luminations said...

Thank you, and amen! It's not time for REPs to reconsider their registration, it's time for them to reclaim the party!

Thanks for the compliment-these pics are actually from Sam Hassas earlier this year. We'll post Scott's pics (from last weekend) soon as we have them.

They're our two favorite photographers though:

Chels:) said...

WHoooo HOOOOO !!!! Welcome to blogger land!!! :) You guys are the best YP and YP wife ever!!! I Love You Guys SOOOOOOO Much!!! You totally ROCK!! :D