Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy and Thankful!

Have you ever wondered, 'If I am thankful for someone, does that mean they are not thankful for themself?'
Probably not, but if you have, don't worry the turkey will be done in a few minutes and you'll have something to do with your spare time. While you're contemplative, think about this-'Happy' and 'Thanksgiving' belong together. Moreso, than 'Happy Birthday' I can assure you of that, haha! You can go through another year of life and not be happy, but try being full of thanks, giving thanks, and see if it's possible to keep a smile off of your face and cheer out of your heart. If you're already happy then you're ahead of the game. A happy person would find something or someone to be thankful for and a thankful person has every reason to be happy. This year, let's make up for all the unhappy and unthankful people in the world. Remember, the turkey and sides are just the whipped cream and cherry-it's those around you that make Thanksgiving Happy!



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