Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Four Day Reflection

Friday night TRGYC got a jump start on Thanksgiving. In the past our celebration has been contemporary, consisting of Kentucky Fried Chicken and even Popeyes. This year, we returned to tradition. More than 155 parents and young people crammed into the Fireplace where, after reflecting on God's goodness and singing a few songs, we served them turkey and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli-corn casserole, stuffing, bread rolls, iced tea and pumpkin pie. Super thank-you's to our awesome staff for pulling together, organizing, setting-up, serving and cleaning. 15 turkeys proved ample. Your crown is in Heaven, but for now, enjoy turkey sandwiches for the next semester on me!

Saturday morning a random assortment of guys from the church descended on Sheldon High School's football field for 'flag' football. We had a great time bonding with the brethren, locking horns, smack talking, flat-backing, picking each other up and tearing each other down. The only injuries sustained was that of our pride as we realized just how good we used to be, lol.
However, yours truly, with the support of four braces, managed 3 sacks, an interception and one pass deflected.
It was a defensive struggle that we lost 9-7 (a safety was the difference). Most importantly, attitudes were kept in check, friendships forged, and the guys did a great job concealing their aches and pains on Sunday. The previous day's physical activity didn't inhibit our worship in church Sunday morning or Sunday night.

Speaking of Sunday, WOW. Just buy the cd or dvd. Dr. Wilson preached 'Moving Towards the Anti-Christ.' By the sermon title you would never have predicted that service would end with just about every family huddled and praying together around the altar. Again, by the cd or dvd. Sunday night began with pre-prayer prayer, and over 100 men gathered for prayer 15 minutes before scheduled prayer time. The focused, fervent intercession continued until Pastor Young directed the men to continue praying, and to march right into the auditorium effectively opening service in an unprecedented and powerful manner.

This past week we celebrated the victory of recent negative x-rays and Doctors' reports clearing Bro. Jason Pontius of cancer. On the other hand, tonight, 125+ men rallied together specifically to pray for Bro. Danny Walker, and his family, who have not yet received their victory report. We are believing God for continuing to work and thank Him for answering prayers again!

We can't wait for tomorrow night-our annual 'Thanksgiving' service. It's a great family atmosphere among the community of faith. You never know exactly what to expect, but two things are anticipated. One is the spontaneous solicitation and selection by Bishop or Pastor of unsuspecting saints to testify give God public thanks (something big churches don't often get to enjoy). The other is the reading of our kindergarten Sunday School classes recipes on 'How to Cook A Turkey.' You can only imagine the testimonials. It's amazing how much 5 year olds observe at home in the kitchen during the Holidays while you assume they're off playing with the cousins- and just how well they can tell on Mommy and Daddy, haha! Of course, it's always funnier when it's someone else's child!


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